S​/​T (Lillerne Tapes, 2012)

by Katrina Stonehart

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"Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk member and Solid Melts label head Drew M. Gibson just put out a new CS as Katrina Stonehart for Chicago-based experimental label Lillerne Tapes. The gushing guitar twang and distant yowl of BBDDM linger when Gibson's on his own, but instead of playing the role of pop music's merry prankster as his other band does so well, he offers a smiling sort of insulation by carrying those dreamy gestures back to the bedroom. This is the soundtrack for that time, every year, that you perch at your window for the first snowfall." -Ad Hoc

"Chicago by-way-of-seemingly-everywhere-else resident Drew Gibson has always had a way of achieving a height of sound greater than the bedroom pop ceiling. Like tracking the path of guitar cords through the mountain of effect pedals and still finding yourself baffled by the sheer weight of sound coming out of the speakers. It’s a mystery that’s carried him through four Katrina Stonehart cassettes on the Lillerne Tapes label alone, in addition to a wealth of other solo material and his work with the always excellent Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk trio."
-Tiny Mix Tapes

"Contemplative, shoegaze-infused and simply beautiful guitar drones"
- No Fear of Pop

"As the driving force behind Solid Melts and an avid collector, Drew Gibson knows his way around the world of tapes. His prolific tape output under the name of Katrina Stoneheart (yes, THAT Katrina Stoneheart, Pound Puppies fans) reflects that deep understanding and, dare I say, love for the format. The penchant for sprawling, highly textural pieces inevitably draws comparisons to Gibson’s contributions as a member of Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, but this self-titled tape is a much more introspective affair best suited for listening under the same circumstances in which it was made: alone in a room, with plenty to think about. It might also make you crave gummy candy if you stare at the cover too long."-Impose Magazie

"So happy to be releasing Katrina’s fourth cassette on Lillerne! This release is the most focused and direct example of the artist’s work with pop experimentation and the stretching of the boundaries of home recording. Delicate, subtly fuzzed recordings replace the blown out, digital rhythm sections and clipping guitars and vocals of previous releases. True to form two minute pop numbers blend seamlessly with pitch wheel’d guitar workouts, soothing drones, and the trademark haunting vocal melodies that solidify this tape’s goosebumpy quality. I’ve seen KS perform countless times, and that indescribable and ever-changing experience has not been committed to tape more authentically than on this release. Genuine happiness, sadness and catharsis all exist on this tape. Produbbed and imprinted green tapes. Edition of 100." -Lillerne Tapes


released November 1, 2012


tags: pop New York


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Katrina Stonehart Brooklyn, New York

katrinastonehart at gmail dot com

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